"POLITICS SCHMOLITICS!": Unusual & Unlikely Paths for Women in Politics
March 30, 2004

Think you have little or no interest in politics? Neither did any of these women until something happened that made them realize the significance of getting involved! Come listen to the unique, inspirational stories of women who are now making a difference through their commitment to public service and be motivated as to why you might want to do the same! Political reporter Sandy Endo from NY1 News will be the moderator for our accomplished panel of diverse women with varied careers in this field.

Above photo L-R: JoAnn Simon, Carmen Gomez Goldberg, Sandy Endo (moderator), Kirsten Powers, Regina Calcaterra. Below L-R: Sandy Endo, Kirsten Powers,Valerie Kennedy, Kristina Leonardi (The Women's Mosaic), Melanie McEvoy (McEvoy & Associates), Carmen Gomez Goldberg, Regina Calcaterra.