SPOTLIGHT ON SRI LANKA: Culture, Cuisine, Conservation & Caring!
June 20, 2005

Come join us for an evening that will highlight the wondrous treasures and culture of Sri Lanka, and provide help for the women affected by the tsunami there. Sample authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, learn about the culture and land of Sri Lanka and find out about the issues women face in general as well as a result of the recent disaster. At the funky, jungle-themed Boa restaurant in the East Village. Above photo from left to right: Pauline Nguyen of Sri Lanka Care Founation; Yasoja Gunasekera from the Sri Lanka Mission to the UN; TWM Volunteer Event Coordinator Randi Zuckerberg; and Ravi Corea of Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society. A portion of the proceeds from this event was donated to Sri Lanka Care Foundation to help provide homes and other assistance for Sri Lankan women affected by the tsunami. For more information visit